Currently, we are building you a solution to order your ice cream through our website. In the mean time please read our shipping policy and instructions on how to order.

Shipping Policy

Ice cream is delicious and perishable. We want to make sure your ice cream arrives as ice cream and not soup (although our Sweet Curry Carrot flavor might make a great soup). In order to do so we ship only using next day or 2-day UPS delivery service. Ice cream is packed with dry ice and shipped in Styrofoam insulated boxes.

We happily ship our ice creams anywhere in the continental United States.

How to order:

We are happy to take email ( and phone orders (1-207-251-6866) for shipments of ice cream. To order please submit the form below with your zip code or give us a call. Based on your zip code, we will send you a reply with an estimated shipping cost and our list of current flavors. If there is a certain flavor that you would like to order that is not currently available, please let us know. We will let you know when it is going to be available again.

To complete your order in the best way possible, please note these details of our shipping policy.

Ice cream is shipped based on box size with a three pint minimum and four pint maximum per box ship
Cost is $10.00 per pint with an additional $20.00 packaging and dry ice fee per box
We only ship on weekdays, no ice cream will be in transit during the weekends
If ice cream is being shipped as a gift please let us know
Once your ice cream is shipped you will be notified with a tracking number and estimated time of arrival.
It is our priority to make sure your ice cream arrives to you frozen. If an adjustment is necessary you will be contacted via email before the shipment.

Upon arrival:

Please be available to greet your box of ice cream upon arrival. Please open up your frozen treats immediately and place into the freezer. Ice cream has been shipped using dry ice, we recommended having a pair of work gloves or gardening gloves available for the removal of dry ice. Enjoy your special handcrafted treats! Don’t forget to share.