• Amarula Pecan

  • Banana Red Hot

  • Banana Split

  • Cantaloupe

  • Chocolate Coconut Cream

  • Coffee Pow

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Earl Grey, Rose Hip Jam and Pistachio

  • Ginger Sour Cherry Jam

  • Goat Cheese Blackberry Chambord

  • Green Tea Ginger

  • Guava and Maria Cookies

  • Guava Rose

  • Hokey Pokey

  • Honey Vanilla

  • Horchata Rumcake

  • Maine Whoopie Pie

  • Mango Citrus Thyme Sorbet

  • Nutella Cranberry

  • Olive Oil Rosemary Caramel and Pepitas

  • Passion Fruit

  • Raspberry Red Wine Sorbet

  • Real Mint

  • Rhubarb Sage

  • Salty Sweet Cream

  • Speculoos and Pretzel

  • Spicy Rocky Road

  • Strawberry Basil

  • Strawberry Habanero

  • Sumac Lemonade Sorbet

  • Sweet Avocado Cayenne

Even more flavors

Apple Cider & Cider Donuts (s)
Blueberry Chipotle and Lemon Creme Swirl (s)
Cantaloupe (s)
Cinnamon Cardamom Pistachio (s)
Creme Brulee, Brown Bread & Brown Sugar Candied Plums (s)

Frangelico Fruitcake & Petit Macaroons (s)
Ginger Cranberry Sorbet (s)
Ginger Peach (s)
Ginger Trifecta (s)
Ginger and Cherry Port Jam (s)
Goat Cheese (with Honey, Whiskey & Figs Compote) (s)

Hazelnut Gingerbread (s)
Lemon Pink Peppercorn (c)
Maine Maple Walnut (s)
Molasses Gingersnap (s)
Pomegranate Sorbet (s)

Raspberry Coconut Creme Sorbet (c)
Red Beets and Tarragon with Orange Zest (s)
Roasted Pear & Candied Ginger (s)
Salted Bourbon Caramel (s)
Spiced Pumpkin Pie (s)
Star Anise, Blood Orange & Grand Marnier Swirl (s)
Sweet Cream Strawberry Rhubarb (s)