Find out more about what makes Rococo Ice Cream so unique and how we explore tastes, cultures and seasons to come up with our selection of constantly rotating flavors.


Is this Ice Cream or Gelato?

What is Artisan Ice Cream?

We think ice cream should be about flavor, purity, taste and texture. It should be as much about memories as it is about new discoveries. While living in Argentina, I discovered ice cream. Yes, I had known ice cream all along, but this was different. It was fresh, creamy, and flavor forward. You could taste it, experience it and savor it. It paired well with warm nights, soft breezes and music pouring out of open balcony windows.

rococo [ruh-koh-koh] – Elaborately ornamental late baroque style of decoration prevalent in 18th-century Continental Europe

Rococo, what does that mean?

Way back in 18th century France, the Rococo art movement was born. It was artisan driven and was a reaction against the strict regulations of the baroque style of Louis the 14th and his Palace of Versailles. In contrast, the Rococo movement was whimsical and ornate. It was characterized by being more playful, with witty artistic themes. It was about not following the norm. It was about shaking things up a bit, and pushing boundaries. It was about creativity and expression.